Thursday, July 9, 2009

Preschool Fun Days

Earlier this year I signed Lindsey up for her first preschool adventure. For each Thursday in July from 9 am - 12:30 pm, Lindsey would be playing with friends and Mommy would be out of the town. I have been dreaming about this for months. Three and a half hours of doing whatever I want!

After a rough night (we haven't had our "shaw" in almost a week, but last night she really, really wanted it) I had to wake Lindsey up to get ready. I asked if she wanted to go to school and she literally sat straight up and said "Yes!" We got ready and headed out the door. As we were getting out of the car and I put her backpack on and put her lunchkit in her tiny hands, it hit me. My baby is going to preschool. School will be next and oh my gosh, one day I will have to send her to college! I signed her in and took her to her class, she hands everything to her teacher, says bye bye and is off to play. I turn to leave and it starts. I quickly lower the sunglasses to hide the tears. So I sat in the parking lot, cried and called Marti to discuss these Mommy feelings. I knew John would just think I was crazy as all I could talk about was my three and a half hours of whatever.

After reassuring words from my veteran Mommy resource I was off for my whatever. Today's whatever included a pedicure and trips to the bank, optical shop, Office Depot and James Avery. I picked Lindsey up and was thrilled with a huge hug and a Mommy squeal. She was asleep before we made it to the house and I am now waiting for her to wake up so we can play.

For some it may sound silly, tears over preschool and one day a week for one month at that. This is a good thing, for both of us. However, it is yet another sign that my little baby is growing up. How time is flying.

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