Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

I didn't want to let the day go by without remembering two important people. My Dad, Sigmund Lipinsky and John's Dad, Lonnie Williams.

So much of what I know of Lonnie is from stories from friends and family, as Alzheimer's had already taken his spark when I met John. He was a remarkable man. The stories always mention Lonnie's love for life, his giving heart and a joyful attitude. I know they are true because I see these very same qualities in John. A note about the picture of Lonnie and me at my wedding. As I planned our wedding, I realized April 24 was going to be a Saturday that year. This was my parents and my grandparents anniversary and I was thrilled that I would be able to share the same day. As it turned out, our church was booked all day and I had to select another day, March 20. How thankful I am it turned out this way as Lonnie's illness took a turn for the worse very shortly after our wedding. Had we married on the 24th Lonnie would have missed a day that he truly enjoyed. He was dancing and laughing and dancing and dancing. The man loved to dance! You could see the joy in his eyes.

The stories of my Dad come from family and friends as well. My Dad was quiet and reserved, dedicated to his family and his church and one of the hardest working people around. Since he passed when I was so young, I don't remember many specific stories of my own. I do remember him having surprises tucked in his nail pouch when he would come home, learning to polka while standing on his feet in the middle of our living room, him playing the accordion, snuggling next to him at church on Saturday night and us all going home and eating popcorn while watching Emergency on TV. (This was the real popcorn too, he made it in a pan with oil and everything!)

We love you and miss you both very much!