Monday, April 20, 2009

Our First Weekend Getaway

Here I go again, trying to catch up on all the craziness that is happening with the Williams family!
John and I had a fantastic time on our first parents only weekend getaway to San Antonio to celebrate out 10th anniversary. I admit, I cried when we dropped Lindsey off. At least I didn't let her see my cry. She was happy as a lark, playing with cousin Robin and Aunt Ro-Ro. The first few miles of the quiet were very weird, we just sat there, looked at each other and sighed. A few more miles into it we decided, hey we can listen to loud music, roll the windows down without fear of getting too much wind or just have conversation without spelling out words.

The Marriott was fantastic, right on the Riverwalk. We looked out onto the river from the 28th floor, what a view! That night we had dinner at The Chart House on top of the Tower of the Americas. If you are in San Antonio, eat here! The food, service and view from the top of the second tallest freestanding tower in America are amazing. We bought Lindsey a cute stuffed tower.

We woke up early to maximize the day. Had a delicious breakfast at the hotel (part of our amazing package), visited the Buckhorn Museum, ate lunch at Taco Haven, visited the Alamo, the Marketplace, cathedrals, hat shops, the mall and toured the Riverwalk by boat. Needless to say we were pooped! We walked over six miles, not including what we did at the actual attractions, so we simply relaxed on our balcony with an adult beverage and enjoyed a beautiful evening.

Sunday, we were up early again, ate breakfast and took the boat ride during the daytime for a different view (again, part of our package). We actually headed out pretty early to pick up Lindsey. It is so weird being without your little one. We would see something and both say "Oh, Lindsey would love that," What do you think she is doing now?" or simply stare at another child about the same age. It was odd not hearing the quiet sssshhhhh of the monitor, not hearing "Mama" first thing in the morning. Although it was difficult and there was part of me that didn't want to go, if you are a parent and you haven't had some alone time with your spouse, GO! It is amazing what a few days alone can do for your relationship with your spouse and with your child, I think it makes you appreciate them both a little bit more.

Lastly, a big Thank You to Rosemary, Robert Sr., Robert Jr., Richard and Robin. This would not have been possible without them. Not only did they surprise us with this fantastic weekend getaway, they took care of Lindsey. There is nowhere that Lindsey would have been more well cared for or would have had as much fun! So thanks for everything guys, we love you and appreciate what you did! :)