Friday, September 3, 2010

A Week of New Things!

Another few weeks have flown off the calendar and a busy few weeks they were. The hottest topic in the Williams’ household is Lindsey starting Mother’s Day Out. I am happy to report that Lindsey LOVES “school.” The night before she started, we picked out her outfit and prepped what we could for lunch. The next morning as soon as I rubbed her back and asked if she wanted to go to school, she was out of bed and ready to go! We managed to eat a little breakfast, brush our teeth and most of our hair and change our clothes. We kissed Daddy and out the door we went. We arrive to the sweetest welcome. Everyone not assigned to a classroom is at the door greeting people and there is fun children’s music playing throughout the hall. Lindsey’s smile was even brighter. We get to the classroom, put away her lunch kit and backpack and sign her in and then without hesitation Lindsey runs in to play. Ummm, hello, it’s me Mom, I am going to need a hug and kiss before I leave. She runs back and provides me with my last snuggle for the next six hours! Don’t cry Susanne, you are a big girl, turn around and walk away, she is obviously fine. I turn to leave, drop the sunglasses and hold the tears until I am safely in the car. As silly as it sounds the tears would not stop. I had to call my bestie Marti to talk my down from my moment. My, oh my, could you imagine what I would have been like if she would have been a screamer like that little boy when I dropped her off (I will address screamers in a moment). Each Tuesday and Thursday since then, Lindsey has excitedly prepared to head to her big girl school and have fun!

We also started dance class last week. The class is fairly small and Ms. Cheryl is very nice and patient and seems to know what she is doing. Lindsey was a little apprehensive, but once the parents left the room she seemed to do ok. The class went well, even though we had a screamer in that class too. Although I think everyone was ready to leave when the hour was up. The screamer was Lindsey’s concern with going back this week. She said she didn’t want to go because “that girl is gonna scream again.” Secretly I was hoping she wouldn’t be there, but I said maybe she was just nervous and I bet it would be fine this week. She was there and although there was less screaming and sobbing, she didn’t really participate with the class.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound judgmental about screamers, because it is only by the grace of God that mine wasn’t the screamer. I guess I just think that the teachers are the professionals here. I am certain these two children weren’t the first screamers they had. They know how to handle these situations and we as parents, as hard as it may be, need to listen to these seasoned veterans. If they tell you to step out, step out and let them do their thing. Ms. Emily said as soon as the parent leaves the little boy calms down, but it is hard getting the parent out of the door. Oh, I know, I am bad, I shouldn’t say anything at all, but it really is a good lesson in trust and a lesson I will try to keep fresh in my head in case Lindsey is the one with the meltdown next time!

Let’s see, what is new with John? Well, he had a decent month (thank you Lord!) and as always stayed busy at home. I think he felt a little defeated at not being able to clear the clog in the kitchen sink. We tried everything, Liquid Plumber, a plunger and a hand auger with no success. It warranted a trip from not only the plumber, but Brazos Valley Sewer as well. And for the record, it wasn’t the potato salad I put down the disposal. The plumber said it was probably build up about 45 feet down the line at the T in the pipe. He said it just happens in older houses. Of course John probably still thinks it’s my potato salad, but I feel a little better about the whole situation now! A note on hand augers, those little boogers are painful to use. My arm was so sore the next day. If you have the money, just call the plumber right off the bat! Oh and let’s not forget it is dove season. John is busy prepping for some bird hunting and of course the annual guys Deer&Beer Fest.

I completed my first day as a Eucharist Minister at the hospital. Oh my stars, was I a nervous wreck. I was so scared I was going to say the wrong thing or worse drop the Eucharist! My mentor was with me to answer any questions and guide me a bit. I had to read off the card each time as I couldn’t remember the order of everything. The look of thankfulness on the patients’ faces and those of their families were the greatest reward ever. I remember how important this was to my mom when she had to spend so much time in the hospital and how disappointed she was when they didn’t come by. Hopefully this will help make someone’s day better.

I also broke my ban from soda on my 131st day. I had read earlier this summer that Dr. Pepper was going to be celebrating some anniversary by putting real sugar back in the soda rather than high fructose corn syrup. I told everyone if I found this soda, I would have one and help Dr. Pepper celebrate. So, on our last day of vacation, in a small town in the middle of nowhere, I found a can. After dreaming of what this would taste like, with a large dose of guilt, I took a sip. It was well, okay. Not sure what I was expecting, especially since I didn’t drink real soda before I gave it up. I stayed clean for another two weeks and decided to have a diet cherry limeade from Sonic. That was pretty disappointing too. It tasted really bad. So, I am back on the soda free thing and I really am okay with it. However, if I do decide to drink one, I already know that it will be a diet Dr. Pepper with cherry from Sonic. ;)

And let us not forget that in a mere 16 days I will be trying to force this old body to cross the finish line when Running the Jailbreak. I think Marti calculated that there is an obstacle about every ¼ mile. On one hand that is good, but who knows what the obstacles really hold for us. Anyway, say a prayer, cross your fingers, giggle a little, whatever it is you do and hope for the best for us! Honestly I could really care less about the race, the real treat is getting to do this with Marti!

Have a great weekend!