Friday, June 25, 2010


It’s June, it’s hot, it’s typical Texas. I really do love living in Texas, I just love it a little more say from November to April. Working in the shop has given me a new appreciation for air conditioning.

Speaking of the shop, I was recently promoted. I have now been entrusted to drive the forklift to empty the trash barrels. I am planning on working my way up to actually being able to take deliveries of expensive materials off of the trucks. That situation has actually gotten me into a pickle before. Some delivery drivers are not authorized to unload material and when I am the only one out on the lone prairie it causes problems. Now there is no raise or anything that goes along with the promotion, just the sheer honor of being able to say, I can drive a forklift. Like I said in an earlier post, my toolbox is becoming full of all kinds of versatile talents. Oh and did I mention I could do this all with a three year old on my lap?

This past week my sister and brother-in-law have been out of town on business. As a result I have been playing mom to a houseful. Four kids at one time. All I can say is hats of to all mothers of more than one. I haven’t had all four together in a long time. Granted, my nephews and niece are very self sufficient being 18, 17 and 11, but still I feel as though I need to be on my best mommy game. Just the sheer volume of laundry has been amazing. Cooking for a family of six everyday, wow. Getting teenagers and pre-teens up early in the morning so we can head to work, oh my! I can honestly say I have a new appreciation of being tired when I lay my head down at night. It has been fun though and I am thankful that I am in a position to do it. My house is alive, alive with laughter and activity. How many people desire that and don’t have it?

Lindsey will complete her first week of swim lessons tonight. Out of the five kids, she has been the most apprehensive. She did okay the first day, but the second day when they wanted her to put her face underwater the teachers met her firm NO headshake. Finally the teachers had to take control and “helped” her go under. I am happy to report, for the past two days she has gone under on her own. We even went to the pool last night to practice and she showed me how hold my breath under water and blow bubbles. :)

So as usual, I will end with my favorite Lindsey stories of the recent past.

We are pulling into the Target parking lot in College Station. Mommy, I want to go to forks. What, do you mean Spoons, that is down the road a bit but we can’t go today. Nooooo, Mommy, forks. We go back and forth until I finally take her out of the carseat and she turns quickly and points. I have never in all my years in this town paid attention to the Gattitown sign. It does indeed use a fork for their W. I am waiting to see what location will be dubbed Knives.

Fedex man is making a delivery. He asks Lindsey, “What is your name?” She responds, “My name is Lindsey. This is my Mommy, her name is Mommy.”

We rescheduled Lindsey’s swim lessons. As she is jumping for joy and squealing she says, “Mommy, this is great, I am so exhausted!” Guess I need to work on exhausted and excited meanings.

The other day I was dressing Lindsey to go to dinner with Mimi, Ray-Ray and one of MiMi’s friends. I was very nervous as she was accompanying them on a dinner to the country club, the very quiet, country club. I dressed Lindsey in one of her “really cute” outfits and put her white dress shoes on. She knew she was going to dinner so she asked, “If we are not going to Jesus’ house, why am I wearing my Jesus shoes.”

Until next time friends! Have a wonderful weekend.