Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can I Get a Manager, Please?

I like routine. It is a good thing. When something happens to change our routine, it takes a while to adjust.

Super Wal-Mart is a normal spot for Lindsey and I to visit. Unlike most, I have no problems with the place. In fact, it seems as if I spend more time in line at Kroger than I do at Wal-Mart. Anywhooo. Our Wal-Mart routine consists of a slight struggle to get Lindsey into the basket, we visit the lobster tank, proceed on to the moo-moo cow pictures in the dairy department where we usually enjoy a string cheese, check out the kid's clothes for clearance and then head to check-out. Simple and easy...until a couple of weeks ago when we turned the corner in produce and saw an empty space. "Mommy, where are the lobsters. I need to see the lobsters. Please Mommy, get the lobsters." Oh gosh, you can't be serious, you have taken the lobsters away? I ask the seafood man about them and he tells us the dreaded news, the tank broke and since the store is slated for a complete remodel they have decided the lobsters would not go with the new design. Wait, no one asked me, dont' I get a vote, I don't need a new and improved Wal-Mart, I need lobsters for my little girl!

Every trip since then results in the same questions about the lobsters. Well, last night she asked about the lobsters as she was going to sleep. We are in the stage of asking "Why" right now. I could not get her to stop so I told her that we would ask the manager why they took them away next time we went. I thought she would forget overnight, but no such luck. First thing this morning, "Mommy, let's go get the manager and talk." Oh goodness, what have I done? All day I heard about the manager. So, since I needed milk anyway we headed to Wal-Mart. I was thinking of just telling her the checker was the manager, but lo and behold guess who was out roaming the store, the store manager, the big kahuna, the man with the power, the man with is picture on the wall. I explain our situation and he expresses heartfelt sympathy to Lindsey and explains the lobsters weren't safe because their tank was broken. (Must have kids of his own) He tells us that other children have been upset since the lobsters departed and if there is anyway he can get them back safely he will. She said okay and it is the last I have heard of the manager and the lobsters! Hope this is a long term solution! :)

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