Thursday, October 15, 2009

Random Things to Remember

One day when I am old, hopefully I will look back at this blog and things that I have written will make me smile. I had been writing in my journal faithfully for almost three years, but recently I have lost steam. The little things I had been capturing on a daily basis seem to slip by and I don't like it. My goal is to get motivated again so I don't lose these precious memories. So in no particular order, here are this week's highlights.

1.) We are still trying to potty train. We were at work and did not have our potty seat with us. Needless to say, it was our first and hopefully last trip into the toilet. Not fun, but I guess I should be grateful it wasn't at the mall or a gas station, uggg.
2.) Lindsey seems to be developing a stronger bond with Maxwell. Maxwell is her stuffed dog. She called him puppy forever and then one day I heard her talking to him. I asked what his name was and she said Maxwell. We have no idea where it came from, but there is always a chair for him at our table.
3.) Lindsey saw a grasshopper for the first time this week. He was on the glass door at work. She studied him for a long time. I am imagining all of the things that could be going through her mind. She turns to me and asks, "Mommy, do gasshoppers eat mac and cheese?"
4.) Lindsey was busy coloring while I was working on the computer. She stood up to show me her art. The look on her face was full of fear. She started to limp and hang her foot. She froze, unsure of what was happening to her. My best guess is her foot fell asleep. How do you explain this to her? It's okay, it will go away, just hang on. Of course, it passed quickly, but it is so hard when things we as adults totally understand happen to them for the first time.

Ohhhh, the stories are endless, but I smell dinner so I better get back to it and make it look like I have been busy! ;)

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