Thursday, November 12, 2009

Princess Butterfly

Halloween turned out the be a blast this year. The week of Halloween Lindsey told me she wanted to be a butterfly. I was so excited! She wants to dress up. So I quickly start making plans for her costume. Buy the cardboard to make wings, and whala, we have a butterfly. Thankfully I found cute hot pink wings at Wal-Mart for $5 so I didn't have to make wings.

Thursday, Lindsey says she wants to be a princess. She said please. Well of course you can. However, Mommy is on a budget so I can't bring myself to spend $30 on an outfit we will wear once or twice. I Google how to make a tutu and we are off to Wal-Mart again to find netting and supplies for me to make a tutu. I found some hot pink netting and ribbon and off we go. Making tutu's is actually pretty easy. Having a two and a half year old helping has its challenges, but it turned out okay. Since we had the wings, we put them on together with a black turtleneck and black tights and the tutu. Roll the music...we have Princess Butterfly!

Lindsey wore the outfit to the George Bush Presidential Library for trick or treating through the library on Friday. (What a neat event) She did well, even saying trick or treat and thank you. She was actually excited to put it back on again and go trick or treating down our street. She even added "Have fun" for all the people handing out candy.

Now it is done. Another Halloween under our belt. I am thankful she had fun. Thankful she didn't try to eat all of her candy that night. Thankful she is willing to share her candy with her family ;) Thankful she will let her Mommy throw a wild costume together. Thankful I have the sweetest little girl in the world!
PS - The plan to have the manager at Wal-Mart (see previous post) take the heat for the lobsters really didn't do much. It is slowing down, but anytime we are in or driving by Wal-Mart a lobster discussion is a given!

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