Monday, January 7, 2008

Lindsey's First Christmas

Okay, so we are only what a little over 2 weeks over due with our Christmas wrap-up. Oh what fun we had on Christmas! Honestly I have no real clue of how Lindsey enjoyed her first Christmas, but she did look like she was having bunches of fun. I can say for certain that John and I had a blast. Now with a little one, the anticipation of Santa is so much fun again.

We traveled to Rosenberg on Sunday to spend the holiday with my sister and her family. John was off on Christmas Eve for the first time since we have been married. It was so nice to have a leisurely day rather than hustling around trying to finish everything. We went to the Christmas Eve Vigil mass in East Bernard which is where my brother-in-law was born and raised. Holy Cross is a beautiful little church and every year they put on the Christmas pageant. The school children act out Mary and Joseph's journey and the pageant ends with everyone singing Happy Birtday to Jesus. It really is uplifting.

We went back to opening gifts on Christmas morning. I know it makes things hectic, but I really do enjoy it more. Lindsey woke up to the delightful surprise of finding out that Santa had left her a musical rocking lion to match her nursery gear, a musical walker type thing that can help her continue her path to brilliance ;) and last but not least, she got a fantastic tri-cycle. She is still a little small for the tri-cycle, but it is something she can grow into and will be perfect for when we build our house. I do have to say that Santa left quite a mess on the carpet with sooty footprints everywhere. I will have to ask him to wipe his feet next year. After the festivities at my sister's, we headed over to my cousin's house to spend the day with my Mom's family.

I did finish Lindsey's stocking. After a few late nights, early mornings, sewing in the truck all the way to Rosenberg and one last minute visit to my Aunt's house (thanks Aunt Veta and Cindy!) the stocking was complete on December 24. Whew!

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Jen said...

The stocking turned out great! I love how you incorporated elements from both John and your stockings into Lindsey's. I've been so impressed with your craftiness lately.

Thanks for the update too. :)