Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Our First Trip to Santa

Tonight was the night we have been waiting for. Okay, tonight was the night that I have been waiting for! We went to visit Santa for the very first time.

It was classic. Lindsey was so happy, smiling for the crowd, giggling for everyone. Then, it was our turn. She did fine on Santa's lap...for a little while. She was interested in him. I think she liked his beard at first. And let me say, he was a fantastic looking Santa! Then all of the adults spring to action, the rattles come out, the trusty frog toy, we are pat-a-caking like mad. She just sits there! My daughter never just sits there. Then it starts, the lip starts to quiver, she starts to turn red (definitely my daughter), and Houston, we have tears. We did up end up with a pretty good shot if I do say so myself. All in all, it was still a fun experience and a tradition that we hope to continue. Just the picture part that is, not the tears!

The little plaid dress in the Santa and family shot is from MiMi Betty. The other dress is one I picked out in honor of my little 94 year old friend, Velasta. She wanted to buy her a dress but wasn't able to go and pick one out. The shoes are really special and have a sweet story behind them too. My sweet Princess Marti sent Lindsey those shoes. They are Italian leather and even have a little arch support in them. The best news is they are a little big so she can wear them again and again.

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