Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Attack of the Flu Bug!

I guess it had to happen, one of the Williams was bound to catch a bug at some point. I went to Houston to work with my brother-in-law for a couple of days last Thursday. Who would have thought it would be Tuesday and I would still be here. John called me on Friday and told me to stay away because the flu bug had attacked him. He was achy, his head was pounding and he had a really high fever. Thankfully the doctor got him on Tamiflu quickly but it has still been a long process to get him well. His mom has been taking care of him. It is so hard to be away from someone you love when you know they are sick and could use your help. Hopefully, the flu shots Lindsey and I got will help protect us from the nasty bug!

PS - Another good lesson for me to remember, always pack more clothes, diapers, formula, etc than you ever think you could possibly use! :) Thank goodness I am at my sister's house and it is easy to do laundry!

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Jen said...

Oh no!! I hope he gets to feeling better very very soon. :(