Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Dog Has What?

Today was a traumatic day here in the Williams' household. Everything is okay, but let's just say we had another "episode" with our little Sissy. Today as I was replanting an ivy, (Yes, you did see correctly, Susanne Williams was working with a living plant) Sissy just started heaving and wheezing and coughing. It was terrible, I thought she was having a heart attack! So I quickly gathered our belongings, had MiMi Betty watch Lindsey and we were out the door to the vet. Of course, as soon as we walk in the door to the vet she stops. So for almost two hours we are investigating, doing x-rays, bloodwork. At one point the vet and I are trying to replicate the sound. Two grown women making honking, coughing sounds, "So, did it sound like this? ACHHKKCCCAAA. No, I think it was more like a UKKKCCHHAA." Anyway, after exhausting all of our coughing sounds, Sissy finally does it again. The vet looks up, smiles slightly and says, "That is a reverse sneeze." A reverse what??? You're telling me that dogs reverse sneeze?? A sneeze caused this panic. Honestly, I was happy with the diagnosis since momets before we thought she was near death given her history and I was crying in the office. Anyway, two hours and $300 later we had an answer and Sissy happily left the vet's office wagging her tail.


Mimi said...

OMG! This is SOOO funny! The reverse sneeze is really scary though - for real! I hear ya!

Jen said...

So traumatic! I'm still so glad my favorite doggie ever is a-ok!