Friday, November 23, 2007

Way To Go Ags!

What an exciting game! The Texas Aggies beat the T-sips 38 - 30 at Kyle Field. This was the kind of football I remember from when I was a student here. The players seemed to have such an energy and drive. It made me wish I was actually at the game.

The big news of course was the resignation of Coach Fran, something that most everyone was expecting. I felt bad that this overshadowed the game. Coach Fran did not look really happy during the press conference. It will be interesting to see where he lands. I am hopeful that we get a coach who will bring the old Wrecking Crew spirit back to life. WHOOP!!!!

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Dag said...

What a phenomenal game!! I enjoyed every second of it. Amy D. of course has not been a happy little longhorn camper. Downright POed in fact. Seems the T-sip is not used to losing. GET USED TO IT!

Love you guys,