Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teaching Conservation

It is true that with motherhood all hopes of privacy seem to fly out the window. We have begun to potty train in the Williams' house. Not hardcore training, but let's just say I don't spend much time in the bathroom alone. With that being said, I will go ahead with my story.

Although Lindsey is young, we are trying to teach her simple things like turning off the water when brushing her teeth, putting recyclables in the blue bin and to take only the amount of paper she needs when going to the bathroom or drying her hands. Since she really doesn't potty in the big potty yet, I only give her one square of paper for her to "wipe with." I am happy to report that she has she paper thing down. I just wish she hadn't figured it out after she managed to pull the toilet paper dispenser off the wall and was holding the paper hostage. After I pleaded for some paper, she conceded...and handed me one square of paper. "Here go Mommy!" Thanks!!!

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Mimi said...

HA HA HA HA! Kids are so funny!