Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Mom Ever

Tomorrow will be the fourth anniversary of my Mom's passing, although it feels as if its been a million years since I heard her reassuring voice and felt her sweet hug. Those who really know me, know that my mom was my best friend. She is the woman that I admire most in this world. She practically raised me alone since we lost my Dad so young and I can only strive to be half of the terrific Mom that she was.

I always feel a little blue as we approach tomorrow (happy and sad as it is my wedding anniversary too). I got a little pick me up when I got home today though. My mom had beautiful amaryllis plants in her front yard. She transplanted them when she moved from Houston to Rosenberg. These spectacular plants always bloomed for Easter. It didn't matter when Easter was, they just always bloomed. My mom passed away on Palm Sunday that year and it was the first year that I can remember the amaryllis plants didn't bloom. After she passed we dug them up in hopes of replanting them again. These poor little bulbs have been shifted from pot to pot, moved from city to city. A few weeks ago they finally arrived here to our home. I put them out on the back patio. The glorious rain last week really helped these little guys and to my surprise today I saw two of the plants getting ready to bloom! Now I imagine they will bloom before Easter, but I am so happy that it looks like they will bloom. The first time in over four years! John said they knew they were home now and that all was well. I like that idea. I kind of like to think that it is my Mom looking down on me and smiling.

Anyway, I just wanted to pay a little tribute to her today... the best Mom in the world!

PS - The two photos were favorites on my Mom's. Otherwise, the giganto hair of the 80's picture would not be posted. Check out the height of the hair.


Mimi said...

Susanne, I had to take out my kleenex!
I love that the flowers are blooming! So hopeful!

The Jenkins said...

I am so excited about the flowers. :)

Patricia Paget said...

awwwww!! love blooms :)