Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Memories!

Yesterday was a fantabulous day! My family celebrated together with an old fashioned picnic. It was reminiscent of my younger days when every Easter my family would come together at Charlton Park and we would eat, play ball, hunt eggs and visit. Simple things that brought so much joy to all those who attended the celebration.

Yesterday, we gathered in Navasota at Rosemary and Robert’s place and began to make wonderful memories again. Against a backdrop of beautiful blue skies and exquisite wildflowers, we ate delicious food under a large shady oak tree, hunted eggs over and over again, played horseshoes, Frisbee and baseball and visited with each other. I have to admit that I did a lot more visiting this year than I did playing ball or horseshoes, but it was joyful. Seeing my daughter hunt eggs with her cousins was amazing, the wide smile across her face, the giggles as she found the eggs.

The entire weekend was amazing. My aunt came to stay with us and it was so nice to have her there. We didn’t really do too much besides cook and visit, but we had an amazing time. It was kind of like I had my Mom there with me. Comforting. I am sure there was much more activity than she is used to, but I hope we didn’t scare her too much and that she will come back for another visit.

As I get older and now that I have a child, I guess I long more for family. I want Lindsey to know the joy and importance of family gatherings. I want her to appreciate her family and to help carry these traditions on, traditions that are fast becoming lost for many families. I want her to be so happy tired that she falls asleep before we get out of the driveway. I want her to have what I had as a child…wonderful, happy memories!

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