Saturday, September 5, 2009

Waiting For the Leaves to Change

It is September. Wow! Part of me is thankful because it means cooler temperatures are getting closer. Part of me misses summer, because although I love Aggies, (afterall, I am one of them) I hate the traffic that the students bring back to town. The town does seem to have more pep with everyone back though, especially now that football season is starting.

I seem to find myself in this position alot these days, trying to catch up in one big blog what has been happening. I keep telling myself I am going to be better, but alas something else seems to come up.

1.) Preschool was a blast! Lindsey loved it and continues to talk about going to school. She made some terrific crafts and enjoyed her monkey lunch kit. I also loved my "time off." It really is amazing how many things you can get done all by yourself.
2.) We have been without our shaw for more than two months now. I am thankful that it went smoothly.
3.) Lindsey continues to obsess over Speed Racer. She constantly wants to watch John's DVD's. Her speed racer coloring book must go with us everywhere. He also must lay under her head when she falls asleep. Together we can pull off most of the theme song. I must admit, I did not like Speed Racer when my brother forced me to watch it 30 years ago, but I am trying to me more understanding since John and Lindsey both seem to love it so much! ;)
4.) Lindsey's vocabulary is amazing. I am so proud of her. It is a constant battle as a parent though to not let things slip. Not even really bad things, just little things I sometimes don't even realize I am saying. One of her favorite things is, "Are your surris?" and "Surrsly" (seriously) When I get annoyed at something I tend to say these, obviously more than I thought. She also likes to say, "Who is that guy/girl" whenever we meet someone new. She pats my back when I hug her and says, "I love you so much." Melt, melt melt. I don't want to forget these things. I want my video camera on all the time.
5.) Sissy has been having more health issues. We have had to up her medication again, but for the time being it is working. Maybe I need to ask Obama to offer a pet option in the new health plan.
6.) Work has been incredibly busy. We are putting several stores in this fall in addition to moving our headquarters. I can't wait for this. Due to so much happening, I have been spending three to four days a week in Rosenberg working. It is getting hard. I am ready for the move so I can spend more time at home with John and stop living out of a suitcase. I am excited about an upcoming trip to Atlanta where will be exhibiting. I am excited because I feel like I might finally be able to contribute something. I mean, I know what I do matters, but this is more like what I did in my previous life. Only drawback...four days away from Lindsey. Must admit I am a little nervous about that.

I am sure there is more, but John will be home soon. Off to have some family time! :)

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Mimi said...

I love the Lindsey stories! And I'll be prayin for you when it's Atlanta time! YOU CAN DO IT!! ;o)